Module 4 Introduction

For this next module, we focus on another two points from the Fashion Revolution Manifesto – #3 and #2 – and try to imagine a fashion industry that does both of these things too.

In this module we will ask what garment workers want the fashion industry to become, what their voices and powers to influence this change might be, and what the ‘living wage’ that many campaign for could afford. We will question how difficult it can be for garment workers to have a ‘voice’ that will be respectfully listened to (#3) and place this in a context of the industry’s extraordinary extremes of wealth and poverty (#2).  

This module has two parts which ask us to a) think carefully about whose voices should be listened to, how and by whom to make the fashion industry what its participants want it to be and b) work out how workers’ demands for more than poverty pay could be afforded and the life that pay should enable people to live.