Module 3 Introduction

For this next module, we focus on two different points from the Fashion Revolution Manifesto – #5 and #1 – and try to imagine a fashion industry that does both of these things. We show why it’s important for us to ask Fashion Revolution’s main question – ‘Who made my clothes?’

In this module we will ask what fashion shoppers and workers have in common, and how they can act in solidarity with one another to change the industry for the better. We will ask how fashion can be more inclusive both for shoppers and workers (#5) and how internationally agreed frameworks for workers’ rights work on paper and in people’s lives (#1). 

This module has two parts which ask us to a) question fashion’s ‘exclusivity’ and to foster a sense of ‘inclusive fashion’ that sees solidarities between all kinds of consumers and workers in the industry’s supply chains and b) question the rights and wrongs of fashion’s inequalities by looking at the rights that all workers should have according to international law and the ways in which they are monitored and fought for.